Contractor License: #735816

Green Dreams, Inc. is committed to providing great service to its clients.  We still stand by the same core set of values that have guided us from our beginnings.

  • Act with integrity
  • Be accountable
  • Foster partnership and cooperation
  • Be receptive to customer requests
  • Respond quickly
  • Take initiative
  • Learn, improve, and innovate
  • Take pride in our work

Our Values

Green Dreams, Inc. values its employees and the work they do to contribute to our success as a landscape contractor.  Our goal is to provide an environment that promotes creativity and teamwork.  An environment in which our team can grow and be successful.
It is our highly skilled staff that allows Green Dreams, Inc. to provide a great landscape service experience for our clients.

Our Advantages

Fully Licensed and Insured Landscape Contractor
Green Dreams, Inc. is a licensed contractor and herbicide applicator. You can be confident that your property is protected under our care.

Flexible Above and Beyond Service
Whether it is coordinating projects with the City Planner, performing day porter services, or handling that emergency call, Green Dreams, Inc. will go the extra mile for you.

Members of the Community
As a locally owned and operated landscape company, Green Dreams, Inc. has a vested interest in ensuring that we provide a quality service.  We support the local economy by doing business with other local vendors in the communities that we serve.

Our Team

Dedicated to providing beautiful and healthy landscapes.

Since 1990, it has been the mission of Green Dreams, Inc. to provide beautiful and healthy landscapes for our clients.  From our origins as a small residential landscape maintenance company to now providing a full line of landscape design, construction, and maintenance services, Green Dreams, Inc. has not lost site of what is most important; providing outstanding service for our clients.  It is our passion for providing our clients with the best possible experience that continues to drive our success.

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Landscaping Services

We at Green Dreams, Inc. strive to stay at the forefront of our industry. 
We achieve this by actively utilizing resources available through key organizations who support the growth and development of technology, training, and service.  Our affiliations assist us in continuing to provide our clients with the best service our industry has to offer.

Our Affiliations